All photography provided by Rebekah Cumming

Just someone who loves Jesus, writes books and wants to share the beauty and romance of Australia with the world. 


Please step into my world 

I have always loved words. My parents will tell you that i never stopped talking once I worked out how and I'm sure they are right! Although, these days, I prefer to make noise with my pen. 

I grew up in a wonderfully supportive and loving Christian home and it wasn't long before I took on a personal faith is Jesus. I remember clearly one day asking Him what He wanted from my life and my Bible falling open to the story of Rebekah's marriage to Issac, as told in the book of Genesis. She took a chance on an unknown adventure and, on a crazy whim, married a man who's descendants would bless nations. I sometimes feel that way. I married at 18 and moved to a small town in the south of Western Australia, it was a crazy whim! But it certainly is paying off for me. I hope, with the support of my husband, I can bless people in my writing. 

I moved around a lot as a child and so the idea of a hometown, the dusty streets that bring flooding memories, the school you spent every year at, the cricket/footy oval where you spent every single Saturday of your childhood cheering for your team - it seemed like a distant dream for me. Now my home is set and my children and husband love it here. Life is busy with playgroups, church, community volunteering and wrangling three children and a farm, but i always find time to write. 

Writing has always been something I have done, now I'm just beginning to share it with you. 

I do hope you like it.