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Caves and Wings - Something I prepared a lot earlier.

We all find things on USBs and in old laptops that just tickle us sometimes, don't we?

Lately I've been looking through old backups and have been delighted to find tons of old writing that I had either forgotten about, or thought had been lost to the digital ether.

For my entertainment, and maybe yours, I'll post the beginning of a short story I wrote in year 11. That's embarrassingly long ago now... Titled Caves and Wings (very dramatically) this short story would have been the beginning of a creative piece, I don't know if I ever finished it. Forgive the mistakes in grammar etc - I wanted to show you what I got up to before getting better at writing goodlike. 


Caves and Wings - a brief beginning by Rebekah Vallance (my maiden name)

Seven years after the turn of the millennium and seven days after the drilling for the newfound minerals in the upper quadrant of the seventh continent, seven massive earthquakes rocked the earth one after the other. The Seven Powers, one from each continent, joined together to form a global scale search and rescue from each of the countries that were not under the Seven Powers’ rule. This was done to unify the globe in hopes that the last world war was the last that would ever happen.

This had great effect in unifying the countries, but had no power over the creatures that awoke from the multitude of seismic action that had occurred. The creatures wreaked havoc, razing every village, town and city they came across. After destroying all civilisations, they turned their attention to the farmlands and with their foul, and sometimes scorching breath, destroyed all nature. Save seven hills. Each connected by intricate tunnelling systems.


The cave had an entryway that had been carved out before time was recorded on paper. The people who did it were brilliant stonemasons, this was evident in the designs on the walls and roofs of the caves, the entryway itself was an imposing archway that jutted out from the outcropping of rocks on the plateau that overlooked the barren and desolate wasteland that was the world.

The masons had dug into each of the hills, connecting them with intricate and often pokey staircases and passageways. Though by far the most impressive thing they had achieved in their time of manual labour, was the central hill. It had been emptied of every centimetre of dirt and rock, save the thin layer that kept the hill from imploding. The result was a large empty hill that resembled a cathedral of the Old Times.

Each hole that was carved out of the surface of the hill to let through light, looked plain from the outside, but when viewed from within, it was a beautiful masterpiece. From the centre aperture, the carvings spread out in detailed spirals and fanned out to carvings that depicted the creatures. The Wings.

At night, you could see the ancient mirrors the masons had placed in the roof. Each mirror reflected the moon in its different phases, but each reflected it perfectly to the eyes of the carved creatures, giving them an eerie glow and making the eyes follow you wherever you went within the cathedral. Hunt and Chloe were the only comrades who enjoyed being the presence of these carvings.

Hunt had been the leader from the start, even before Chelsea met her tragic end by finding the cathedral though one of the holes that served as windows. Apparently the masons didn’t believe in safety rails.

After Chelsea met her end, the next to go were Tiffany and Brittany, both taken by the Wings from the plateau. The sound of the thudding wings should have been enough of a waring for them to get out of the open as the others had done, but evidently it hadn’t. No one really missed them, but the fact that even in the place that they thought they would be safe, the place of their forefathers, they were still under threat made them all uneasy. It was then that the remaining 11 split into two groups.