Fantasy...where to now?

I am fairly new to the fantasy world, but I am loving it.

My cousin who is mad keen on the genre ruthlessly, and cruelly, led me to the unfinsihed world of Kvothe and Dina in Patrick Rothfuss's King Killer Chronicles. This was a horrific thing to experience (like, seriously, please finish the trilogy!), but the taste for new worlds, magic, and adventure was well and truly mine and there was no going back.

My next feast was Raymond E Feist's (see what I did there?) Magician. I read it in just under a week and my family nearly murdered me for serious neglect while I did. It was magnificent. The pace was exhausting and stressful. The characters grew and changed so quickly that my head was spinning to keep up with it all - but my, it was glorious. 

Now, I have discovered the Emperor's Soul by Brandon Sanderson and I am itching to fall as deeply in love with Sanderson's writing as it seems everyone else is.

But where to after that?

I love high fantasy and the thrill of fast paced adventure, most likely because my own like is so sedentary. There has to be a bit of romance involved (of course), and villains that make you question if they might not actually be the hero and you're all wrong. 

Please - hit me up with suggestions in the comments. Promise I'll read them!

xx Rebekah