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Are you ready to run away to the outback? - I understand completely.

With its azure skies that reach forever and the devastating beauty of the reddest red landscapes you’ll ever see, the Australian Outback is begging you to romance it.

Begin your escape with Annabell Worth, a disillusioned ballerina from Perth, Western Australia, ready to find meaning again in a world full of management and discipline, and escape with her to Daljarn. You’ve never been to a town quite like this before., There is intrigue, a land grab, Dutch and Aboriginal ancestry, and of course, the intimidating Henley Corp. Fall in love with the Shire of Daljarn in the northern Murchison area, and of course, with Scottie Henley. A Year in Daljarn with leave you aching for your own Red Dust Romance.


Let your romance with the north continue with Eliza Harris; loving sister, capable station manager, and estranged daughter. Join Eliza and her young brother Beau on a journey of love and grace as specialist teacher, Loxley Worth, comes to Wednesday Downs in the Dampier Peninsula. Experience the Kimberley with this family as they learn to let go of what has been and embrace what is to come, be it sunshine or cyclones, rejection or new love. One Day with Eliza will tug at your heart in the best of ways.


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