I just wanted to write stories that I could read over and over again, now I've mustered up the courage to start sharing them with you.



Red Dust Romances - it's what i do

I've always loved the red dust of Outback Australia, it got in my veins at an early age. Australia is romantic no matter where you live, but there is just something special about the harsh, and somewhat daunting, vast plains that is our backyard. 

I write romance because my husband loves a happy ending, and so do I.

I write Christian romances because Christ is in my heart and in my finger tips, leaving Jesus out would be like forgetting to mention the sun in springtime, or the rains in winter. He is my sun, He is my rain. He makes me grow and blossom with His love and commandments. There is nothing He cannot do for me, or even for you  - if only you will believe. 

I may one day get to publishing that epic novel I have buried within me somewhere, become a trail blazer in YA fantasy , trip you out with a cray-cray thriller that makes you never want to sleep again - heck, I might even write a western! For now, I'm only game enough to hand over my romances. For now.